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Cultural Activities

Part of the fun of visiting a foreign country is trying traditional customs, clothing and food. The AWARE Center personal provide information and demonstrations about the traditional cultural items on display throughout the Center such as the date-palm handicrafts, sadu textiles, fishing traps and old photographs. Ask for a demonstration fo how frankincense is burned, or how Arabic coffee is prepared and served. Get tips on etiquette in Kuwait and how to greet Arabs in the traditional way.

Visitors ara also invited to try on a variety of traditional Kuwaiti clothes, such as the dishdasha, bist and ghutra for men, or the dara'a, abaya, thobe and milfa for women. AWARE personnel will help you achieve the perfect look before taking your picture, which can be sent via email to your desktop. Before you leave, relax in the bistro with a cup of sweetened tea, compliments of AWARE.