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Who we are?

Since 2003, the AWARE Center has been an essential resource for anyone who wants to experience fully the richness of life in Arabia.

The Advocate for Westerners-Arab Relations center is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political organization working for promoting positive, constructive relations between Westerners and Arabs by organizing social activities and information services related to Arab and Islamic culture.

Our Mission

The AWARE center is dedicated to become the cultural gateway for westerners to explore Arab/Islamic culture and civilization by facilitating social encounters, educational activities, dialogue, cultural exchange, and intercultural friendship.

Core Values

AWARE is guided by Arab and Islamic humanitarian values which advocate peaceful co-existence between cultures and civilizations. Among key values AWARE promotes tolerance, better understanding and mutual respect between the westerners and Arab/Islamic world.

Our Services

Arabic Courses

The AWARE Center offers a variety of Arabic classes for Westerners in Kuwait. Prefessional Kuwaiti instructors teach everyday converstion, reading writing and pronunciation

Cultural Activities

We hold various social and cultural activities including lectures and Diwaniyas to enlighten and engage with our members

Local Tours

We conduct a variety of tours to selected places of interest around Kuwait. Most are open to the public however occasionally we are able to gain permission to visit other venues, which are normally off-limits. These tours are great opportunities for you to build memories and stories to tell friends and family

Project D.I.V.E

"Together Without Borders ” - Dynamic Integrated Virtual Engagement is a virtual advocacy platform that focuses on building positive and constructive relationships between non-Arab cultures with the Arab world.

The project aims to promote “Cultural Intelligence” by providing educational programs and information services to counter prevailing mutual misconceptions and misunderstandings between the east and the west