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"Journey to KOC"

26 Nov 2011

Saturday, Nov. 26th, saw a luxury bus take interested AWARE members on a rare and rewarding trip to the famous Burgan Oil Field. There, we saw the first oil well drilled in Kuwait, Burgan #1, which first produced in 1938. We were even given samples of oil - a memorable gift from what started Kuwait's wealth and dramatic change! After a photo opportunity at the wellhead, we were treated to an extravagant luncheon at the KOC Oasis, a manufactured oasis made as a response to the utter devastation of the oilfields from the Iraqi war of 1990. A unique feature of the oasis is that is made of reused and recycled materials from the reconstruction of the oilfields. The lovely site is home to exotic plants, migratory birds, and its fountains serve as a backdrop to formal business meetings in a luxury office. It was a lovely and informative outing, courtesy of the KOC and the AWARE center. Thank you so much for that special, historical, and educational field trip! Jeff Pugh

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