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Kuwait Culture Quiz

01 Jun 2011

Kuwait Culture Quiz Created by Americanq8ty 1. The Dickson House is a great reminder of the architectural style of Kuwait before the influx of oil money. It was named after Colonel Dickson, a British political agent in Kuwait from 1929-1936. Near which Kuwaiti palace can we find this historic building? a) Seif Palace b) Bayan Palace c) Dasman Palace d) Ahmadi Palace 2. The Red Fort was the site of many historical battles in Kuwait, most notably the defeat of Saudi invaders in the early 20th century. In which area of Kuwait can we find the Red Fort? a) Fahaheel b) Jahra c) Salwa d) Sabah Al-Salem 3. Kuwait has only one notably, surviving traditional handicraft. It is a special type of weaving with sheep wool, with red being a major color in the finished pieces. What is the name of the museum where you can see samples of and purchase this handicraft? a) Beit Al-Sadu (Sadu House) b) Dar Al-Islamiya (Islamic Museum) c) Beit Al-Qattan (Qattan House) d) Dar Al-Cid (Museum of Cid) 4. This next place is iconic; a great place to get lunch and see a gorgeous 360-degree panoramic view of Kuwait - without leaving your seat. What is this rotating place to visit? a) The Liberation Tower b) Entertainment City c) Green Island d) The Kuwait Towers Answer correctly & win a prize. Submit your answers to during the month of June.

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