Diwaniya: "Ramadan Tips for Expatriates" by Dr. Teresa Lesher

26 Jul 2011, 7:00 p.m.

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During the Holy month of Ramadan, many changes occur in Kuwait. Restaurants will change their working hours as will most workplaces and shopping malls. Traffic patterns also change and one may find their paperwork halted. There are laws and many tips that will help the western expatriate better understand the etiquette and rules associated with this month. Join us for a guideline of how to best experience the month of Ramadan with your Muslim neighbor and colleagues. Dr. Teresa holds her PhD in Information Science from the UK and is now assistant professor at Kuwait's teachers college. She held the position as manager of the AWARE Center for three years and returns often to host presentations related to Arab and Islamic culture.

AWARE Center

Advocates for Western Arab Relations

Villa 84, Street 50,

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Block 3, Surra, Kuwait